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1. Deposit

a) 50% deposit is required at the time of job confirmation, the balance is payable upon installation.
All goods remain the property of Topline Benches until payment has been made in full. Topline Benches reserves the right to remove the benchtops if payment is not made.

2. Quotation
Unless otherwise stated
a) Quotations will be open for 30 days from date of quotation.
b) Quotations are based on current costs from suppliers and subcontractors. Any increase in costs occurring after the quote expiry will be on charged.
c) Any drawings or details submitted by the supplier with a quotation are for quotation purposes only and shall not form part of a contract. 
d) This quote is based on two site visits (one for template & one for install). If we have to attend another site visit due to reasons beyond our control, a charge of $150 per hour will be invoiced to your account.
e) This quote is based on information drawings provided received for pricing.
f ) This quote is based on flat, single level access for installation. Crane/equipment hire will incur additional charges if required.
g) No vein matching has been priced, all prices are based on optimal use of stone. Please advise if you require vein matching. 
h) All measurements are calculated with +/- 2-4mm tolerance
i) Topline Benches Ltd does not provide warranty for client supplied product
j) Failure to pay your account in full upon its due date will incur 10% interest per month or part there of
k) Any and all debt recovery fees will be passed on to you and Topline Benches Ltd reserves the right to lodge your debt with external parties that may affect your credit rating. 
l) All jobs must be completed within 90 days of acceptance or they will be subject to price increases

To accept this quote please use the link sent to you via email with your quote attached or via the "Job Confirmation" for under the Contat tab on this website. By completing the "Job Confirmation" form the customer accepts the above quotation and Terms and Conditions of supply as shown and set out above and acknowledges that the supplier's rights to repossess the goods has been explained and understood by the customer and the customer has been given a copy of this agreement. The customer acknowledges that their attention was particularly drawn to the provision relating to retention of title.


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