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New Zealand's top designers trust Topline Benches. By incorporating their craftsmanship in to kitchen and bathroom designs they have either won or been nominated for awards each year from 2005 to 2022.

We thrive on bringing the most innovative designs to life with a combination of the right knowledge, material selection and craftsmanship. You will not regret buying a Topline bench!

For more than 30 years, our craftsmen have been designing, creating and installing Auckland benchtops and bathroom vanities. Topline is accredited by each material manufacturer for fabrication and installation and has Corian Mastercraft accreditation.

As a 100% NZ company, we work on four essential principles:

Our Process

We then use late model CNC saws and routers to continue with speed and accuracy. We believe in the high use of technology and our seamless process shows that it is efficient and produces top quality products every time.

We are constantly upgrading our technology and processes which fit with our company ethos of “Better never Stops”

Phillip and Kirstine

Phillip & Kirstine are a young vibrant couple who have a love for their customers and making their design dreams a reality.

Phillip has over 19 years experience at Topline Benches, half of that as an owner. Phillip is meticulous in all that he does. His priority is always the quality of the work he is sending out the door. With so many years in the industry, Phillip is a wealth of knowledge and ideas and loves brainstorming ways for his clients to get the most out of their budget.

Kirstines background is real estate. With 8 years as an agent she has been into thousands of homes. With the kitchen the heart of every home, Kirstine has heard every story in the book of what people love and value in their space. Kirstine is highly experienced in creating an end goal with a specific budget in mind and loves finding solutions that fit every brief.

With Phillip heading the factory team of fabricators and installers and Kirstine managing the business and admin team, these two have all your bases covered. Topline Benches has always placed its value on customer service and quality of workmanship, this is an absolute non negotiable for Phillip & Kirstine.


“We live our life with no end goal, we are always striving for better. For Topline that means better processes, better products and a better customer experience.” - Kirstine


“I once heard Graham Henry say that the All Blacks motto is “Better Never Stops”, We have adopted and implemented that in all areas of Topline.” – Phillip



Contact Us

Showroom hours

9am – 2pm By Appointment


Kirstine Mobile 0211783863

Phillip Mobile 0211783053

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