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Archant -  Marble Yamuna

Archant - Marble Yamuna

Colour: Lights
Texture: Mate



6mm, 12mm


Surface Finish:
Matt (Porcelain, Mottle)


Weights / Dimensions:
3200mm x 1600mm


Unique yet familiar, Marble Yamuna is a travertine-like stone but with a shimmering translucency across the surface. This translucency is then beautified by its soft tonal palette which ranges from deep beiges to the lightest and brightest ivory tones. While seemingly shimmering, especially under light, the stone is a matte surface creating a visual and tactile juxtaposition. Then to create depth and movement, Marble Yamuna is infolded with unique striae and patterns which brings natures textural elements (found in the ridging of mountains and the furrows of sand) to the fore. 

As a relatively muted stone, the tonal range is easy to use in a range of palettes and colours. Featuring an overall warm toned character, we recommend using Marble Yamuna in a warmer styled kitchen spaces where the design is more contemporary or colonial orientated. The style of this stone also has strong imperial themes, with its close correlation to the expansive white slate stone of the Taj Mahal. So, use Marble Yamuna in an expansive and large-format application (think a large-scale kitchen benchtop, as a fire-place cladding or flooring) to create a majestic and ornate interior aesthetic.

Marble Yamuna is available in a matte finish and in slabs of 3200mm x 1600mm x 12mm.

Archant Porcelain is a large-format porcelain stoneware range, manufactured by Florim, Italy. Durable, versatile and featuring trending colours and designs, Archant Porcelain is the ultimate decorative surface. This range offers complete design freedom as it can be used extensively throughout the kitchen, bathroom and even outdoors for maximum aesthetic impact in your home.

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