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Archant -  Cement Light Grey

Archant - Cement Light Grey

Colour: Lights
Texture: Mate



6mm, 12mm


Surface Finish:
Matt (Porcelain, Cement)


Weights / Dimensions:
3200mm x 1600mm


With its cool, grey tones this porcelain surface is the perfect reproduction of a light concrete finish. 

It makes a great base on which to build an industrial-style kitchen as it tones in perfectly with stainless-steel and can be contrasted with darker colours for excellent visual effect. 

FLORIM Stone Cement Light Grey is available in a matte finish and in a slab size of 3200mm x 1600mm x 6mm.

Nature meets technological innovation, signalling the arrival of FLORIM stone, a brand that aims to combine the performance and functionality of this material with the maximum personalisation of space.

FLORIM Stone is large format porcelain stoneware for decorative surfaces. Lightweight, versatile and with an extremely high aesthetic impact, FLORIM Stone opens up new frontiers in design environments, ensuring maximum freedom of expression. It restores new life to a material that is as beautiful as it is delicate. 

FLORIM Stone fears neither heat, stains nor colour changes and it is easy to maintain, both in the dark shades and in the most delicate colours.

Composed of a natural blend of ceramic clays and mineral colourants, FLORIM stone slabs are made by unalterable porcelain stoneware, which is stain-proof, resistant to high-temperature and thermal stress, scratch-proof, totally water-proof, resistant to UV-rays, hygienic and easy to clean. Moreover, material quality, a focus on details, together with the technical performance, FLORIM Stone is a truly revolutionary surface developed for the most demanding of designs and applications.

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