Design Ideas

Designing a kitchen or bathroom is a mix of imagination, colour and texture with some sensitive editing. There are a lot of design elements you can bring to your kitchen benchtop or bathroom vanity besides material and colour – try something different, match with what you have, do something bold. Have fun with it!

Thickness of benchtops

You may not have noticed that benchtops in kitchens can be different thicknesses. It is all about proportions, depending on the size of the benchtop and the style you are after. This can be an important detail or can help you keep within budget. Talk to the craftsman at Topline Benches for advice on benchtop thickness.

Edge Treatments

The profile of the benchtop relates to the shape of the edge. From the classic rolled profile, to the contemporary square edge, or try the detailed bevelled profile plus other profiles – it’s a little feature that can add miles to your style. Talk to us about edges for your bathroom or kitchen.

Sink type

Have you considered a drop-in sink, under mount sink or a moulded sink? Have a talk to the craftsman at Topline, we can help you work through the type of sink that works best with your benchtop and lifestyle.


Splashbacks make a statement in any kitchen or bathroom – pick the best material to use for your bathroom or kitchen.


Be Inspired