The centre of attention

The best kitchen and bathroom designers recognise that the bench top sets the tone for the rest of the room. Even projects with a tight budget can manage to look expensive and stylish if the bench top is carefully chosen.

The benches made and installed by Topline fall into two categories: solid surfaces and engineered stone. We choose to work only with these materials because they can be trusted to deliver ongoing high performance and lasting good looks without ongoing maintenance.

Solid surfaces

‘Solid surface' is the name given to seamless bench-top materials that are 100% man-made. The most well-known solid surface material is Corian®, which has been highly successful for more than 40 years.

Solid surfaces are non-porous and extremely hard wearing. They come in a huge range of colours and can have a matte, satin or high-gloss finish. If the surface ever becomes scratched or chipped, it can be repaired to as-new condition by Topline's skilled technicians.

Even after years of use, a solid surface can be refinished to look brand new. This means you can update your kitchen at any time without having to change your bench top.

Engineered stone

‘Engineered stone' describes bench top materials made with a combination of ground-up natural quartz and sophisticated polymer resins. The result is the look and feel of natural stone, but without the disadvantages.

Natural stone is porous and prone to scratching, chipping and staining. It also requires careful maintenance. Engineered stone is non-porous, incredibly durable and requires almost no maintenance.

As with a solid surface, an engineered stone bench can be re-deployed through any number of kitchen reinventions – it's an investment piece that will pay for itself through beauty and durability.  

Our product range


Made in Germany - Engineered to perfection


A solid surface with an amazing track record and an attractive translucence.


A sleek, smooth SOLID surface material designed for high-wear areas.


An engineered stone made with quartz combined with advanced resins and Microban® protection.


The world's original quartz-based engineered stone.